About Caslay

Caslay is all about making eco-friendly clothes that are:

  • Really comfortable, value for money, and look trendy
  • We care about making them in a way that's good for the environment

Our team has decades of experience in the clothing industry and a passion for making earth-friendly clothing.

Benefits Of Sustainable Fashion:

  • The clothing industry greatly affects climate change
  • Tons of waste ends up in landfills or gets burned, harming the environment
  • Consumers are concerned about environmental impact

Sustainable clothing is very important for solving this problem.

The Challenge

How do we verify if the products are sustainable?

The answer is simple:

Set up a verified chain of custody for each step in the supply chain.

To establish trust and credibility, it's crucial to have globally recognized certifications.

The Caslay Advantage

Caslay provides certified, 100% sustainable products with a high-quality finish. Our products, made with our proprietary process (patent pending), have the feel of virgin cotton.

Caslay Product Impact

  • Certification

  • Sustainability

  • Quality

  • Expertise

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The Quality Challenge

Finding sustainably certified, high-quality apparel at a fair price in India is a challenge.

It seems we have to choose between fair pricing and quality.

There's a gap in the market for affordable, high-quality, 100% recycled clothing.

Many clothing brands in India do not offer 100% certified sustainable products with a premium quality finish.

  • 90% Reduction in Water Use

  • 0% Dyes Used in Production

  • 20% Reduction inPower Used